Organise your video assets and save time in the process

Spend less time on manual and mundane content management tasks!

With Vimond's Content Manager, handling your video content is effortless. Thanks to our intuitive user interface and powerful metadata engine, you'll efficiently organize, enrich, and control the publishing of your entire content library. 

Manage all your assets

Add any type of metadata to your assets, including titles, descriptions, schedules, categories, subtitles, and more – before publishing your content to all the right channels.

Everything is managed from a unified interface that can be accessed from anywhere. Your data are stored securely in our cloud.

All the functionality you need to manage your live and on demand content

  • Add chapters and index pointers to the video timeline.
  • Publish your content to your desired sites, devices, and regions.
  • Ingest, organize, and group all your assets in multi-level hierarchies such as series, seasons, episodes, etc.

Protect your content

Content rights can be complicated, with detailed instructions about what content can be published where and when. Content Manager's geo-blocking features keep you in control.

Restrict your content to available only in the specific regions or countries where you have acquired the viewing rights.


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