Maximise the revenue of your video content

Monetization is our powerful business product. Easily organize your subscription plans, create compelling content packages, map them to relevant content, and manage end-user payment.

Our monetization module allows teams to configure the right package, for the right business modules, so that your organisation can grow. 

Monetize content the way you want

Administrators can with a few clicks manage pricing, duration and availability of plans, manage subscriptions, renewals and vouchers - and then rely on our payment-gateway integrations for payment transaction processing. 

  • Robust set of promotion and voucher options which can apply discounts and product bundles
  • Payment integrations with Braintree, Cybersource, Dibs and NETS. 

Choose your monetization model

Vimond offers several options for monetizing your content. Either you want a fixed module or want to mix several payment methods, our monetization module lets you manage your payment plans as preferred so you don’t have to choose just one monetization model for your service.

Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD)

With SVOD, users can access an entire library of content for a recurring fee set for a specific time. The fee may be charged daily, weekly, monthly or annually, depending on your choosing.  

Advertising-based Video On Demand (AVOD)

Earn revenue with free video distribution supported by ads. With our AVOD module, users can access your content without having to pay any subscription fee. In return, users get exposed to ads while streaming.

Transactional video on demand (TVOD)

With TVOD you can let your audience purchase content on a pay-per-view basis. Use our TVOD option so that users can make a payment for a particular choice of video or a small combination of videos, all depending on your choosing. 

Create compelling packages for your audience

With an extensive set of relevant functionality for creating, managing and organizing product packages you are ready to show your audience all your content in no time!

  • Flexible configuration and setup enable for tailoring to your specific monetization needs, and for efficient packaging of large amounts of content
  • Product packages can be localized for specific regions


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