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10 tips on how to become (or stay) successful as a streaming service

As streaming services are taking over from linear TV, broadcasters and media providers are facing a few challenges.

1. There is an increasing need for technological innovations that will allow you to operate efficiently and fast.

2. Everybody knows that streaming services are fighting each other for the subscribers. So what can you do to become (or stay) successful as a streaming service today?

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Automatic Scaling: What on Earth is that supposed to mean?

Have you ever been told by a salesperson, tech or industry expert that their platform can automatically scale? Ever heard people in the industry keep referencing “cloud-native” technology with such passion that you’d think it’d solve world hunger, war, and climate change all in one go?

In this piece, we explain what these buzzwords mean, how they relate to the service we offer at Vimond, and why some of the biggest media organizations in the world are adopting these technologies at a fast pace.

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How to survive?
Part 3

Over the course of our "is TV dead?" think piece series, we have determined that TV is far from dead, but streaming is taking over from linear. We have also discussed some of the current challenges the streamers may have.

So finally, we want to make some suggestions on what to do to become (or stay) successful.

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The challenges
Part 2

As we saw in part 1, linear TV is declining, whereas streaming services are taking over. So, are there any challenges for the streamers, or is it easy sailing?

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Is TV dead?
Part 1

How many times have you read the following headline: “Is TV dead?”. At least since 2007, when Netflix announced they would start streaming and the first iPhone saw the light of day, there have been similar questions and reports from pretty much every industry expert and professional services company. The death of TV has been predicted as imminent, whereas in reality, 14 years later, it is still premature to make such a statement. The majority of the TV viewing in 2021 is still dominated by linear TV, either that is real-time or time-shifted.

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Growing into your OTT market. Success over survival

How do you achieve success in the OTT market? We believe it's picking the right partner that will help you adapt to your growing audience and evolving business model as you develop your market.

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Don’t tell me you’re still manually managing your online live broadcasts

This Think Piece that lays out how you, as a broadcaster or live content provider, can optimize and automate your digital operational workflows to achieve the permanent corporate goal of reducing manual work.

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The Future is Cloud-native Video Editing

End-consumers are demanding fresh video content more than ever before. With traditional on premise video workflows editing and distributing video content gets time consuming.

Bringing the workflow to a Cloud-Native environment benefits both suppliers and customers and this extended Case Study lays out the case in a thoughtful, step by step fashion.

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How to adapt to the future of broadcasting

Broadcasters and content owners are facing rapid changes in technology and online video consumption across multiple channels.

This white paper lays out how you can build a stronger future that makes post video production more efficient for an audience that's hungry for constant updates.

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The attention span is BACK (it never left)

How can you make sure to engage your digital audience? Are you staying up to date on what the consumer wants?  We have researched what video trends you should be following in 2020.

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The Road to Personalization in the Streaming Space

The viewing black hole - we've all been there. Stuck between a series and the next. Starting movies you quickly stop. Searching for something that catches your eye. How can streaming services provide the best personalized viewing experience?

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