1. What is it that Vimond does?
  2. Vimond provides a cloud-native software solution for managing, curating, monetising and delivering all live and on-demand video content for every device with our product Vimond VIA. 
  3. How is Vimond's software sold?
  4. Vimond VIA is sold through a mix of a license fee and usage/variable fees:

    License Fee - Vimond VIA license fee incorporates the cost for the Vimond modules as well as the base cost for cloud infrastructure, monitoring infrastructure and authentication for VIA users.

    Usage/Variable Fees - All Variable Fees for using the Vimond Content Delivery API’s and other variable fees associated with usage of the Vimond Products
  5. How long has Vimond been in the business?
  6. In 1997 a few people in the Norwegian broadcast organisation TV 2, saw an interest in the growth of the internet and started experimenting with streaming formats and technologies.  In 2011 Vimond was established as an independent company, having conquered OTT in the Nordics, and later on both the US and APAC market.
  7. How does Vimond make sure to deliver a consistent end-viewer experience?
  8. Vimond VIA gives you the ability and tools to display and structure your content in collections and carousels. VIA provides the ability to promote featured content, create lists for customer segments or specialist areas of interest. This includes categorising all content into the right groups (e.g. series, episodes, movies, live or sporting events).
  9. How can I increase speed-to-market with Vimond?
  10. Vimond is a cloud-native solution, meaning a new tenant can be installed for you as a client in a much more time-efficient way than PaaS or on-premise solutions can. We don’t need to install any hardware at your offices, and we don’t need to deploy a brand new cloud installation for you as a client.
    This means the speed-to-market can be massively reduced compared to traditional options.
  11. Can I use Vimond to stream to international markets? 
  12. Yes, Vimond is collaborating with several different CDNs around the world. 
  13. Who can use Vimond VIA?
  14. Vimond VIA is tailored for use by broadcasters, content providers, telcos and other media organisations that are looking for a tool that can ingest, manage and publish video content.
  15. Can Vimond integrate with 3rd parties? 
  16. Vimond is already pre-integrated with most of the leading technologies in the streaming market today. If we aren’t integrated with your specific 3rd parties or in-house technologies, integrations can be built by utilizing Vimond’s open APIs. 
  17. Does Vimond VIA include all the VIA components, or do those come with an extra cost?
  18. Vimond VIA is our base platform that enables your editors to access our Content Manager, our Feed Ingest module, our Content Curator, and other functionality that comes with the VIA Platform.

    Once you have the Vimond VIA platform installed, you can choose to also purchase 5 optional VIA Products. These are VIA Monetise, VIA Profiles, VIA Live, VIA Orchestrate, and VIA Data. 
  19. Am I able to choose what VIA products I want to use?
  20. Once you have a Vimond VIA installation, you can choose to also purchase 5 optional VIA Products. These are VIA Monetise, VIA Profiles, VIA Live, VIA Orchestrate, and VIA Data. 

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