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Experience the power of Vimond VIA, the video CMS that gives you the versatility you need to succeed in the world of online video

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With the power of strong integration capabilities and open APIs, Vimond VIA makes it easy to integrate existing infrastructures and processes for your entire workflow.

A part of your ecosystem

One of the key strengths of the Vimond VIA video CMS is its open APIs and good integration capabilities. This allows you to easily integrate our CMS with other systems and platforms, such as your existing MAM systems, analytics, players, and more. This ensures a seamless OTT platform that makes it easy to manage and distribute your content to all the right destinations from ingest to playout.
Add optional VIA add-ons to the core Vimond VIA video CMS
Open and flexible architecture
Integrate with your preferred 3rd parties
Ecosystem for OTT technology
Video CMS - VIA

Full control over your video

With Vimond VIA, you'll have complete control over your content, from media ingest, metadata enrichment, content curation, and distribution - all in one flexible and user-friendly CMS.
Automated and/or manual asset management
Drag and drop and bulk operations
Advanced search capabilities

Effortless transition

When it's time to upgrade, replacing old infrastructure and moving your video workflows can seem like a daunting process, but with good help and an adaptable video CMS, we make the transition easy.
Vimond VIA Content Management

Our OTT solutions have been expertly crafted to effortlessly integrate with your desired tools and features, eliminating the need for major overhauls when upgrading your service.

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