Reflecting on IBC 2023

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September 25, 2023
Reflecting on IBC 2023

With IBC 2023 in the history books, we are excited to see that our product news has created a positive response from our customers and visitors since last year. In this recap, we aim to provide you with insights into these developments. Furthermore, we'll look into the significance of our strong focus on partner collaborations and share our perspective on this year's IBC event.

Simplifying Workflows and Boosting Efficiency: Smart Lists and Mimir Integration

One of the highlights for Vimond at IBC 2023 was the focus on Smart Lists. With Smart List, editors can effortlessly transform their existing content into highlight chapters or virtual channels, all without requiring additional processing power. 

Another noteworthy highlight was our integration with Mimir. This cloud-native video collaboration tool harnesses the power of AI to simplify content access and streamline metadata logging, ultimately reducing search time. Vimond VIA seamlessly integrates Mimir, streamlining the distribution of broadcast content from MAM to CMS for global OTT playback, offering an efficient end-to-end solution. This integration optimizes media workflows, particularly for production companies, broadcasters, and digital agencies transitioning to cloud-based asset management.

Both of these features represent a significant step towards simplifying technical workflows and enhancing business models in an industry plagued by complexity. 

Navigating Uncertain Times: Vimond VIA's Adaptability in a Changing Landscape

The media industry has two pressing concerns: One is the task of integrating new technologies within a complex tech stack, and the other is to monetise content and generate profit effectively.

Being a technology provider at the core of the OTT market, we focus on making Vimond VIA a solution for these challenges. 

With features like Smart Lists, flexible monetisation, improved MAM integrations, and the readiness for reaggregation, Vimond VIA positions itself as the central hub for content. It doesn't just serve one broadcaster or operator but is primed for the emergence of media aggregation.

We understand that adaptability is crucial in the current media landscape, where consumer preferences and technology evolve rapidly. Vimond VIA's capabilities are designed to ensure that our customers are well-prepared to navigate these changes and seize new opportunities.

The Power of Collaboration: Partnering for a more flexible future

For those focusing on partnerships and alliances, the importance of collaboration among third-party vendors was emphasized. This approach fosters the development of end-to-end streaming solutions that break free from vendor lock-in, providing the industry with flexibility and expertise. The key takeaway from IBC is that our commitment to partnership extends beyond mere integration; it's about building a cohesive ecosystem that benefits everyone.

We're proud of our strategic alliances with Edgio, Bitmovin, Accedo, Vimond, and Grabyo, which have been widely recognized. These partnerships contribute to our goal of offering holistic solutions that empower media, broadcasters, and operators with the flexibility they need to thrive.

Bridging the Broadcast-Digital Gap: The Integration with Mimir

Looking into the specifics of our integration with Mimir, it was highlighted how it bridges the gap between the broadcast and OTT worlds. 

As many broadcasters are familiar with today, the process of managing and sharing content to several sources and platforms often entails various departments working in isolation, each with its own distinct business objectives. This can lead to a lack of alignment and inefficient collaboration among teams, ultimately resulting in a messy digital consumer experience and prolonged time-to-market.

Furthermore, it's important to recognize that the target audience and content consumption patterns differ significantly. For instance, a broadcaster primarily focused on a specific country or region may need to adapt its content for a broader digital audience. This adaptation may involve adding subtitles, accommodating multiple languages, or incorporating additional images to enhance the content's appeal.

With Vimond VIA's integration with Mimir, we simplify the distribution of broadcast content into the digital and OTT platforms, enabling customers to expand their revenue streams and digital presence. The integration addresses the challenges of disparate functionalities and narratives between broadcast and digital, streamlining content distribution and enhancing collaboration across departments. Key benefits include increased reach in the digital landscape, leveraging existing media and metadata, and reducing content time to market. 


While AI was a topic of discussion at IBC 2023, it appears that most vendors are still in the early stages of finding practical use cases for impacting their workflows. This reflects the industry's dynamic nature, where innovation often precedes full-scale adoption. As technology advances, we remain committed to exploring AI-driven solutions that can further enhance efficiency and effectiveness in media workflows.

A Promising Future: Innovating in the World of Media

Once again, IBC 2023 provided a platform for exciting discoveries, valuable networking, and continuous learning, all while gaining valuable insights into the direction our company and the industry are heading. Through Smart Lists, partnerships, and the integration with Mimir, we are entering a path towards efficiency, flexibility, and growth. We believe our team and partners' collaborative efforts ensure a brighter future for the industry, where innovation and adaptability are in focus. 

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